Mt Hawthorn’s town centre includes Scarborough Beach Road and the northern end of Oxford Street; public areas that are essentially the community’s ‘living room’ where we undertake a variety of everyday activities such as meeting people, shopping or browsing, conducting business, dining, relaxing or simply walking on the way to elsewhere.

These main streets are always open for anyone to enjoy, unlike a shopping centre mall, and are well connected to the rest of the neighbourhood. The streets are suited to the human scale and encourage walking or cycling – the most energy efficient and healthy way of getting around – yet traffic is still accommodated. Most of the buildings address the footpath, and include awnings to offer the pedestrian protection from the rain and sun. The activities within the buildings are accessible and clearly visible through the glazed frontages.

Over time, the landscape in the streets has matured, with the mix of ground covers, container plants and trees now providing a leafy, calming greenness in the town centre environment.

The Streetscape Sub-Committee includes local residents and designers who regularly use the town centre and who are passionate about:

  • Creating an attractive, safe and welcoming place for existing and new residents and visitors alike
  • Strengthening the town centre’s character and ‘sense of place’
  • Improving the streetscape and activating spaces for community use.

The Streetscapes Sub-Committee meets regularly and works closely with the City of Vincent to discuss streetscape matters and deliver projects that are of benefit to the town centre and the surrounding community.

Examples of recent improvements in the town centre include the new street trees and the installation of stylish and coordinated seating, bins and planter boxes. Possible projects for consideration in 2017/2018 include working on an upgrade plan for Axford Park, a pop-up skate park, more street furniture, better signage to highlight the facilities in the town centre and a remodelling of Anvil Lane.

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